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Part of the Aidan Fitzgerald Hair Salon Based in Blackrock, Dublin - Our aim is to offer the latest styles in wigs that are Feather Light in Weight, with Natural Skin/Scalp hairlines expertly styled by Aidan and his team


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People suffering from Medical Hair Loss can now avail of the latest in wigs and hairstyling, from the specialist team at Aidan Fitzgerald Hair Salon Based in Blackrock, Dublin.
Aidan is part of the international ‘My New Hair’ group that was set up by Trevor Sorbie MBE after his sister in law suffered from Cancer.
Our aim is to offer the latest styles in wigs that are Feather Light in Weight, with Natural Skin/Scalp hairlines expertly styled by Aidan and his team.
We can offer an organic hair colour for those who have sensitive scalps in consultation with Karen Whelan our colour expert.
Aidan says ‘The biggest fear for any woman in losing her hair, is losing her Identity and not being recognised by herself, friends or family’
We have a vast collection of wigs to choose from. Call in for 10-15 minutes for advice or to view our brochures free of charge or you can book a consultation in our Private Wig Room to include wig fitting, styling, aftercare.

Book your appointment / consultation in our private wig boutique Call out Service is Available.

The Private Wig Boutique is situated @
Aidan Fitzgerald Hair Salon,
12 Main Street Blackrock, Dublin.

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Our team
Aidan Fitzgerald
Aidan Fitzgerald Founder & Owner

Styling is in the hands of Aidan together with the talents of a finely-honed Creative Team which boasts international experience. This team are trained to a standards employed by the most noteworthy European and UK Salons and includes superb aftercare services. To experience the excellence, treat yourself to the professionalism of Aidan and his Team’s award-winning services. Aidan's vast experience is as much based on the manner in which your personal consultation takes place, the warm and intimate ambiance, and the amazing results. To experience a Stress-Eliminated Visit to the Salon is to experience passion in a luxury environment.

Karen Whelan
Karen Whelan Technical Director

Karen Whelan (formally L'Oreal's Head Colour Technician for Ireland) has been with the company since 1997, and has been hugely involved in the Wig Boutique @ Aidan Fitzgerald’s and has trained with Trevor Sorbie at My New Hair .She is also the Technical Director of The Colour Room. And alongside a highly skilled specialist team, this Colour Room has taken colour to a degree of finesse sought after by TV, film and fashion establishments and provides highest quality treatments to house clients.

Miriam Calton
Miriam Calton Wig Boutique Manageress

Miriam is our Wig Boutique Manageress who will be happy to talk you through the process and book you in for a consultation.
Miriam treats each and every one of our clients with the care and consideration that the team at Aidan Fitzgerald have been famous for for over 30 years.

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